Why BulkApi v1 Parallel Mode does NOT create batches asynchronously ?


I am using "concurrencyMode": "Parallel" setting in my export.json

But I see that the batches are not created at the same time in parallel but just sequentially:

1st batch created @ 15:33:20. Completed 15:33:39
2nd batch created @ 15:33:40. Completed 15:33:57
3rd batch created @ 15:33:58. Completed 15:34:15

I would expect SFDMU to create batches simultaneously when using "concurrencyMode": "Parallel" .


By the current implementation, the SFDMU is NOT creating and sending bulk batches in parallel threads.

The term "concurrencyMode": "Parallel" means: "Ask the Salesforce Bulk API to execute in parallel what the SFDMU has sent sequentially".

This the parameter is sent to SF when creating a new Bulk API job.

So the batches are always sent sequentially regardless the concurrencyMode setting.

Last updated on 27th Sep 2023