How to assign Queue to Cases?

Below find the minimal configuration to export Cases while they will be automatically assigned to proper Users or Queues on the Target side:

    "objects": [
            "operation": "Insert",
            "externalId": "CaseNumber",
            "query": "SELECT Id, Origin, CaseNumber, OwnerId FROM Case"

This will Insert new Cases in the Target environment. The important is to include OwnerId in your query.

Because CaseNumber is used as ExternalId and it is of auto-number type, you can not update the Case records using this configuration. If you want to update records you should define any unique field other then CaseNumber as ExternalId. So, if the Case already exists in the Target, but its Owner is different than in the Source - it will be also reassigned in the Target accordingly.

You can also include AccountId to assign Accounts to your Cases.

Make sure that you have the Queues and Users with the same names in the Source and the Target environments.

Last updated on Sa Oct 2022