How to empty all string fields of the sObject?


I want to clear all textual fields of the Account by settings their value to null. The problem is, that I don't know what fields of the string type are there, so can't list hem in the query string.

Can I do that with the SFDMU ?


Yes. You can use the type_string multiselect keyword + the anonymizing feature to reset the string fields.

Run the job in the one-directional mode.

Below is the basic export.json configuration, which can help to achieve the challenge:


    "objects": [
            "operation": "Update",
            "externalId": "Id",
            "query": "SELECT type_string FROM Account",
            "mockFields": [
                    "name": "all",
                    "pattern": "c_set_value(null)",
                    "excludeNames": ["Name"]
            "updateWithMockData": true

It's recommended to exclude standard / unique fields like Name as well as other object fields that you don't want to affect with the job using the excludeNames array.

Run the job like that:

sfdx sfdmu:run -u

See that you omit the --sourceusername flag, since the Source and the Target are the same org (one-directional mode).

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Last updated on Sa Oct 2022