Why geolocation data type data is not updating in Target Org?


I am trying to migrate BillingAddress and Lat_and_Long__c fields data from one org to another org. BillingAddress and Lat_and_Long__c field data not updating in target org.

Field Name DataType
BillingAddress Address
Lat_and_Long__c Geolocation

The export.json:

     "query": "SELECT Name, Lat_and_Long__c from Account",
     "operation": "Upsert",
     "externalId": "External_ID__c",
     "allRecords": true


The proper query for the custom geolocation field Lat_and_Long__c is:

SELECT Name, Lat_and_Long__Latitude__s, Lat_and_Long__Longitude__s FROM Account
Last updated on Sa Oct 2022