Where can I find message about the reason of failed insertions?


I am using following configuration:

    "operation": "Insert",
    "externalId": "Name",
    "query": "SELECT Id, Name, Deal__c, Status__c, Type__c FROM Commitment__c where Deal__r.Name LIKE 'MigVax%'"

and it fails, but showing only this comment:

\[Job\# REST:Insert\] {Commitment\_\_c} The job has been created.  
WARNING: \[WARN\] \[Batch\# REST:Insert\] {Commitment\_\_c} Incompleted.
0 records succeeded, 46 records failed.

Where should I look?


To get information about failed records you need to look in /target subdirectory that should be created by the Plugin where your export.json is located. Find the file named Commitment__c_insert_target.csv, you have Error column says what's the error message on each row.

Make sure that you also set createTargetCSVFiles: true

Last updated on 13th Nov 2023