The Plugin is not able to connect to the org.


I have an instance where I can connect into other sandboxes just fine but when we try to go to Prod I get the error below:

[12:15:22.262] Connecting to staging using SFDX force:org:display ...
[12:15:30.534] Successfully connected to staging.
[12:15:31.290] Connecting to prod using SFDX force:org:display ...
[12:15:33.342][ERROR] Command initialization error: Attempt to connect to prod failed. Please, try to refresh your local SFDX CLI connection..

The result of sfdx force:org:display command:

  "status": 0,
  "result": {
    "id": "00D1U000000xKhkUAF",
    "accessToken": "00D1U000000xKhk!ARwAQJddxP75EQaTNUvTilM_eg.Iw_oakhNKT3RfeSGjH3keuEZ9PZDkUG7S.B7mVSvwXciltuSws.ad5L6VqP3hTlAnOL_K",
    "instanceUrl": "",
    "username": "",
    "clientId": "PlatformCLI",
    "connectedStatus": "Connected",
    "alias": "prod"

Seems that the org is connected.


Generally this issue can be due to corrupted SFDX CLI configuration.

As a possible solution we would recommend to reinstall completely the SFDX CLI along with the SFDMU Plugin.

If it does not help we can suggest to debug the issue locally

See also this issue:

Last updated on 27th Sep 2023