The key features of the Plugin

  • Supports direct data migration from Salesforce org to another Salesforce org without intermediate CSV files.
  • Allow to migrate multiple objects at once.
  • Supports data Export/Import to/from CSV files.
  • Does not require a special External Id field for Update/Upsert operations to bind related SObjects. Any type of field with unique values, such as a Name, even formula or auto-number can be used as External Id. The Plugin internally compares the records from the Source and Target based on the specified field and performs the necessary CRUD operations on the Target.
  • Handles circular references between SObjects, for example when Object1 has a child relationship to Object2, then the Object2 has a child relationship to Object3 and the Object3 has a parent relationship back to the Object1.
  • Supports customized Fields and Object Mapping, when the name of the objects and fields in the Source and the Target are different.
  • Supports data migration preserving Record Type for each record.
  • Handles self-referenced fields, for instance Account.ParentId.
  • Supports composite external Id keys.
  • Full Person Account support. Can process record sets contain mixed Business & Person Accounts.
  • Supports migration of related Notes, Attachments and Files, including the binary data.
  • Supports record owner assignment. If the source and the target orgs have the same list of users it can assign each record to the owner with the same Name Owner.Name (User.Name) External Id key.
  • Has built-in data anonymization feature to replace real source data (for example from the Production environment) with random values during updating the Target.
  • Automatic CSV source file transformation option.
  • Customized binding of polymorphic lookup fields, for instance FeedItem.ParentId.
  • Secured and safe. All operations are performed on the client's machine, there is no cloud interaction, so all is completely safe.
  • User-friendly configuration. Fully configurable using simple JSON file.
  • Fast performance. Processes only a selected subset of records and fields that need to be inserted or updated and does not touch others.
  • The set of Core Add-On modules will give you additional possibilities for the data migration.
  • You also can code and run your own Custom Add-On modules which will give you unlimited possibilities to extend the SFDMU with new fully customized features.

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Last updated on Tu May 2022