The SFDX Data Move Utility (SFDMU) is the top-notch modern salesforce data migration solution.

You will get your Scratch or Sandbox populated with quality records just in minutes.

The SFDMU will help you to fill your Scratch / Dev / Sandbox / Prod org with records imported from another org or CSV files.
It can perform all CRUD operations (Insert / Update / Upsert / Delete) also for multiple related sObjects.
It's the comprehensive All-In-One data migration solution having a bulk of unique features have never provided before by any of the existing tools.
This Plugin is approved and digitally signed by Salesforce.

Why do you need the SFDMU ?

Because the Plugin is equipped with an extended built-in functionality making migration of multiple related objects very handy:

  • It supports direct Org-to-Org data migration without having to deal with annoying intermediate CSV files.
  • Full support of CRUD operations: Insert / Update / Upsert / Delete.
  • Supports import and export of CSV files.
  • Supports multiple object sets allowing you to execute multiple migration jobs in one run.
  • Supports simultaneous migration of multiple SObjects in one run..
  • Handles complex circular references between multiple SObjects.
  • Simple and user-friendly configuration just with a single export.json file
  • Can be run from a command line, can be easly integrated into any DevOps pipeline.
  • Handles self-referenced fields, e.g. Account.ParentId.
  • Supports External ID field of any type even formula and auto-name fields, a field does not need to be defined as External ID.
  • Supports composite external Id keys.
  • Supports data migration preserving Record Type for each record.
  • Supports fully customized Fields and Object Mapping.
  • Has the built-in ETL features, including customized Values Mapping, expression-based records transformation.
  • Supports migration of Person Accounts, including mixed account records of Busines and Person type.
  • Supports migration of Salesforce Files as well as old-fashioned Notes , Attachments, including file binary data.
  • Supports record owner assignment, including option for a default owner assignment.
  • Has the built-in data anonymization feature to anonymize a sensitive source data (e.g. coming from Production org).
  • Supports binding of polymorphic lookup fields (e.g. FeedItem.ParentId).
  • Secured and safe. All operations are performed on the client's machine, there is no cloud interaction, so all is completely safe.
  • Fast performance. Processes only a selected subset of records and fields that need to be inserted or updated and does not touch others.
  • The core functionality can be extended by using the Custom Add-On Api. You can create your own Add-On for your special purposes.

Use case.

Creating scratch, dev, or sandbox organizations in Salesforce is quick and simple, but these newly created orgs only come with metadata, lacking the real data critical for developing and debugging applications. Traditionally, loading data manually for each new org using tools like Salesforce Data Loader is inefficient, especially since data can be imported directly from production or another sandbox.

Often, the challenge is not just importing data but modifying specific records or fields within a complex data model with many dependencies. Additionally, maintaining a clean data model without adding external ID fields to SObjects requires creative solutions for updating records in your developer org.

A significant issue arises with the inconsistent IDs across environments when populating the RecordtypeId field. Currently, there's no effective tool for inserting and updating dependent objects based on a unique field used as an External ID. Typically, developers resort to using Excel to manage source tables, which can be cumbersome and error-prone for even a small number of objects.

The SFDX Data Move Utility (SFDMU) offers a viable solution for these challenges.

Watch the demo. The Plugin in action: