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Before you install and use the SFDMU Plugin, ensure that the Salesforce CLI (SF CLI) is installed on your system. For installation instructions, refer to this Salesforce developer guide.


Standard Installation as a SFDX Plugin

The recommended method for installing SFDMU is as a standard SFDX plugin. This approach uses the production version of the plugin:

# Uninstall any old versions of the plugin:
$ sf plugins uninstall sfdmu

# Install the latest version of the plugin:
$ sf plugins install sfdmu

Installation from Cloned Source Code (for Debugging)

For debugging purposes, you can install the plugin from source code:

# Unlink any old linked source code:
$ sf plugins unlink

# Clone the latest source code:
$ git clone

# Navigate to the installation directory:
$ cd SFDX-Data-Move-Utility

# Install required npm modules:
$ npm install

# Link the plugin to the SF CLI:
$ sf plugins link
  • MacOS Users: If you encounter permission issues, prepend commands with sudo, e.g., $ sudo sf plugins install sfdmu.

  • CLI Version Compatibility: If using the older SFDX CLI, replace sf with sfdx and adjust commands accordingly, e.g., sfdx plugins:install sfdmu instead of sf plugins install sfdmu.

Last updated on 20th Apr 2024