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Before installing and using this Plugin make sure you've already have the SFDX CLI platform installed on your system.

See the this article how to install the SFDX CLI.


The simplest way to install is using SFDX CLI as a standard SFDX plugin.

This would be the recommended way for installing the SFDMU, since it will install and use the production version of the Plugin:

# If you have an old version of the Plugin, uninstall it:
$ sfdx plugins:uninstall sfdmu

# Install the latest version of the Plugin:
$ sfdx plugins:install sfdmu

Installation as the cloned source code (for the debugging purposes):

# If you have outdated source code already cloned and linked, go to the directory containing old Plugin source code and unlink it from the SFDX by typing:
$ sfdx plugins:unlink

# Then clone the latest source code:
$ git clone

# 2. Make the installation directory current:
$ cd SFDX-Data-Move-Utility

# 3. Install npm modules:
$ npm install

# 4. Link the Plugin to the SFDX:
$ sfdx plugins:link
  • When installing and running the SFDMU on MacOS you can sometimes run into a permission issue. If so, just prepend all above command with "sudo", e.g.:

    $ sudo sfdx plugins:install sfdmu

Last updated on 13th Nov 2023