How to debug the SFDMU's source code.

In order to debug, you should have the source code provided in the SFDMU's GitHub repository downloaded and installed locally.

  • Clone the source code from the GitHub.

  • If you are using VSCode Terminal to run the Plugin, modify the VSCode settings like below:

    • "File" => "Preferences" => "Settings" =>"Node Debug" => "Auto Attach=On"

    • "File" => "Preferences" => "Settings" =>"Node Debug" => "Use Preview Auto Attach=Off"

  • Make the directory containing the SFDMU source code current, then run the debug session using the following command: ./debug.cmd --sourceusername --targetusername -- other sfdmu flags...

  • If you are working on MacOS, you will probably have to modify the access rights to the file debug.cmd by running the command: chmod 777 ./debug.cmd
Last updated on 13th Nov 2023