How to Debug SFDMU's Source Code

Debugging the SFDMU plugin involves setting up the local environment with the source code from its GitHub repository.

Setup Instructions

  1. Install the SFDMU Plugin from the cloned source code following these instructions.

  2. Configure VSCode for Debugging:

    • Open VSCode and go to "File" => "Preferences" => "Settings".
    • Enable "Node Debug" by setting "Auto Attach" to "On".
    • Turn "Use Preview Auto Attach" to "Off".
  3. Initiate Debug Session:

    • In the source code directory, run the debug command:
      ./debug.cmd --sourceusername --targetusername -- other sfdmu flags...
  • For MacOS Users: Adjust the permissions for the debug.cmd file with chmod 777 ./debug.cmd to make it executable.
Last updated on 2nd May 2024