Code contribution policy.

Thank You for Your Interest in Contributing to SFDMU!

We appreciate your willingness to contribute code to SFDMU. To streamline the process and ensure your contributions are efficient, please follow these guidelines:

  • Check Existing Issues: Before beginning work, review our issue tracker to see if your bug or suggestion has already been reported and discussed. If unsure about the acceptance of your changes, please contact us beforehand to avoid unnecessary effort.

  • Scope of Changes: We primarily accept minor, cosmetic modifications to the core SFDMU code. For more complex enhancements that might benefit other users, share your ideas with us. Based on the proposal, we might update the SFDMU Core or develop a new Core Add-On Module using our Add-On API Engine.

  • Custom Add-Ons: If you need a specific feature for your personal business, consider developing a Custom Add-On Module and maintaining it locally without submitting a pull request (PR).

  • Submitting Pull Requests:

    • Create a fork and make your changes.
    • For your PR, start with a new feature branch off the "master" branch.
    • Include a detailed description of your changes in the PR.
    • Ensure your code is compatible with the latest SFDMU version and passes all validations without conflicts.
    • Thoroughly test your code before submitting the PR.

For further guidance on creating pull requests from forked repositories, please see How to Create Pull Requests.

Last updated on 20th Apr 2024