Code contribution policy.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to SFDMU!

We welcome code contributions to SFDMU.

The following is a set of guidelines and suggestions to make it easier for you to contribute to SFDMU.

Please make them in the form of from your fork, and bear in mind the following guidelines and suggestions.

  • Before starting to work, make sure to check our issue tracker for tickets regarding your suggested change. It's possible someone could have already reported your bug or suggestion and it has been discussed it in detail.

    If you have any doubts about whether your changes will be accepted, contact us in advance to avoid unnecessary spending your time.

  • We can accept only small cosmetic adjustments in the SFDMU core code. Any complex modifications must be implemented by proposing a new custom module using our Add-On Api Engine / Custom SFDMU Add-On Api.

  • You can't propose any modification to the Add-On Engine itself, only a new core module based on the currently released API version, which module as you think may be helpful for other users as a part of the SFDMU.

  • If you wish to extend the SFDMU to make any specific job for any personal purpose, please implement your Custom Module and attach it locally on your side without opening a PR.

  • Each pull request should be submitted including the detailed description of the change you want to make.

  • Please, submit your PR ONLY TO THE "CONTRIBUTION" BRANCH. Don't use any other branch for submitting your PRs.

  • Your change must comply with the latest SFDMU version and should pass all necessary validations without any conflicts.

  • Make sure you've FULLY TESTED your code on your side well before submitting the PR.

  • If the CONTRIBUTION branch appears out of date, please ask us to update it before submitting the PR. Please follow the below guidelines how to create pull requests using forked repositories:

Last updated on 29th Jan 2023