Target CSV files.

If you set createTargetCSVFiles = true or leave unset , the Plugin will generate CSV files with all records as they were sent to the Salesforce API for processing.

Setting createTargetCSVFiles = false will disable generating of target report files.

  • The Plugin adds extra Errors column which is blank for a successfully completed record and contains an error message for a failed record.

  • All those target files are located in ./target directory.

  • For the main object set (object set index = 1), the csv files will always be written into the main ./target directory.

  • If multiple object sets exist in the script, for each other Object Set starting from the Object Set #2 the SFDMU will create separated subdirectory within the main ./target directory:

    ./target/object-set-<ObjectSet Index>, e.g.:



    ... and so on.

Last updated on 13th Nov 2023