Handling Missing Parent Records in Plugin Migrations.

Occasionally, the Plugin may encounter issues binding child lookup records to their parent records using the parent's ExternalId key, as defined in the export.json file. This issue can cause the migration job to fail.

To assist you in analyzing why your migration job failed, the Plugin generates a report for all such 'broken' records in a MissingParentRecordsReport.csv file.

This file is located in the same directory as the export.json file.

  • For projects involving multiple Object Sets, starting from Object Set #2, the MissingParentRecordsReport.csv file can be found in the corresponding subdirectory for each set. For example, for Object Set #2, the report will be located at reports/object-set-2/MissingParentRecordsReport.csv, relative to where the export.json file sits.

Example of working folder structure:

|- export.json
|- MissingParentRecordsReport.csv
|- reports/
   |- object-set-2/
      |- MissingParentRecordsReport.csv
   |- object-set-3/
      |- MissingParentRecordsReport.csv
   |- ...
Last updated on 28th Apr 2024