How to resolve "Object Location is missing in the Target" error in SFDMU?


I am able to generate the configuration file using the SFDMU GUI app without any errors. However, when I attempt to migrate data from the object Location, I encounter the following error:

[ERROR] Mismatch org metadata error: Object Location is missing in the Target.

I have confirmed that the user has access to the Location object via a Permission Set or Profile and have completed the Field Service setup. What should I check next?


The error you're encountering, where the "Location" object is reported as missing in the target org, might be due to using an outdated API version in your SFDMU setup. This older version may not support newer Salesforce objects, such as "Location."


  • Upgrade your SFDMU installation to the latest version, which supports the most recent Salesforce API. This update should ensure compatibility with all current Salesforce objects, including "Location."
  • If you are using the latest SFDMU and still encountering issues with the Location object, set the property apiVersion: "60.0" or another latest version supported by your Salesforce org.
  • Additionally, you can set the API version using the CLI command flag. For detailed instructions, see the resources below.


Last updated on 29th Apr 2024