Plugin cannot locate export.json in working directory.


I followed the setup instructions and created the following export.json:

  "objects": [
      "query": "SELECT Id, Name FROM Account",
      "operation": "Upsert",
      "externalId": "Name"

I saved it in ./scripts, installed SFDMU successfully, and then ran:

$ sfdx sfdmu:run -sourceusername source -targetusername target -p ./scripts

I received this error:

Execution of the command sfdmu:run has been started. 
Command in progress ...... done 
[ERROR] Command initialization error: Missing package.json file in the working directory. 
Execution of the command sfdmu:run has been finished. Exit code 2 (COMMAND_INITIALIZATION_ERROR). 
Total time elapsed: 00h 00m 00s 005ms.

How can I resolve this?


The error might be due to incorrect path specification. Ensure the path to the scripts directory is correctly formatted in the command. Here's how you can modify it:

For Windows:

$ sfdx sfdmu:run --sourceusername source --targetusername target --path "./scripts"

For MacOS, prepend sudo if required:

$ sudo sfdx sfdmu:run --sourceusername source --targetusername target --path "./scripts"
Last updated on 20th Apr 2024