Why are there differences in failures between simulation and non-simulation modes?


I assumed that CSV files generated in simulation mode would be the same as those in non-simulation mode during org-to-org migration. In simulation mode, I'm not observing any failures, but when using the same export configuration in non-simulation mode, I see many failures in the target CSV files.

Why does simulation mode not generate the same set of failures that occur in non-simulation mode?


Simulation mode in org-to-org migration is designed solely to check the metadata and query the source organization without updating the target organization. Its primary function is to verify data integrity and identify potential configuration issues related to objects, fields, and relationships, and to assess the volume of data that will be updated in the target. The failures you see in non-simulation mode are related to the actual update of records on the target side, which does not occur in simulation mode.

Last updated on 20th Apr 2024