Can CSV files from the standard Salesforce Data Loader be used with this plugin?


Yes, you can. They are mostly compatible, except for the differences listed below.

Using SFDMU to import data exported using Data Loader:

  • The Data Loader generates CSV files with column names spelled in upper case. You must rename the column names to match exactly the field API names, as they are case-sensitive.
  • The header row cannot contain double quotes (""); ensure to remove them.
  • Consider setting the UTF-8 format in the Salesforce Data Loader settings when exporting to a CSV file.

Using Data Loader to import data exported using SFDMU:

  • The CSV file generated by SFDMU is fully compatible with the Salesforce Data Loader.
  • Map columns to Salesforce fields using the UI provided by the Data Loader.
  • Be aware that the Data Loader cannot handle lookup fields included in the CSV; you should replace lookup values with the corresponding target parent ID values in each row.
Last updated on 18th Apr 2024