Why doesn't Bulk API v1 Parallel Mode create batches asynchronously?


I am using the "concurrencyMode": "Parallel" setting in my export.json, but I notice that batches are created sequentially, not in parallel:

1st batch created @ 15:33:20. Completed 15:33:39
2nd batch created @ 15:33:40. Completed 15:33:57
3rd batch created @ 15:33:58. Completed 15:34:15

I expected SFDMU to create batches simultaneously with "concurrencyMode": "Parallel".


In the current implementation, SFDMU does not create and send bulk batches in parallel threads. The "concurrencyMode": "Parallel" setting instructs Salesforce Bulk API to execute operations in parallel once SFDMU has sent them sequentially. Therefore, batches are always sent sequentially, regardless of the concurrencyMode setting.

Last updated on 18th Apr 2024