Why does SFDMU command fail in the force-app directory with SF CLI?


The source code of the Plugin has been linked in some directory, for example, SFDX-Data-Move-Utility-master.

I want to execute the sf sfdmu run command inside the root folder of my force-app project or one of its subfolders like force-app, force-app/main, etc.

However, I encounter an error displayed as a SyntaxError related to import statements outside a module. The error message is as follows:

(node:22516) SyntaxError Plugin: sfdmu: Cannot use import statement outside a module
module: @oclif/core@3.12.0
task: cacheCommand
plugin: sfdmu
root: C:\Repository\SFDX-Data-Move-Utility-master
See more details with DEBUG=*
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
»   Error: Command sfdmu:run not found.

What causes this issue and how can it be resolved?


The issue likely stems from a conflict between the local environment setup and the SFDMU package configuration, particularly due to the linked source code in directories like SFDX-Data-Move-Utility-master.

Executing commands within the force-app folder, which is part of an independent Salesforce project treated similarly to a Node.js package, might introduce conflicts with the plugin's requirements.


  1. Installation Method: Instead of linking the Git source version of SFDMU using sf plugins link, install SFDMU as a Salesforce plugin with the command sf plugins install sfdmu. This method ensures that the plugin integrates more smoothly with the Salesforce CLI environment, reducing potential conflicts.

  2. Execution Directory: If you choose to continue using the linked version of the plugin, execute the SFDMU commands outside the force-app directory to avoid interference with the project's Node.js-like structure. Consider running these commands from a neutral location such as the parent directory where SFDX-Data-Move-Utility-master is linked.

Last updated on 29th Apr 2024