Unexpected behavior with default SFDX target org configuration.


When I omit the -u CLI flag and rely on the currently set default SFDX target org, I expect the tool to handle it. However, the tool returns a message saying this has not been supplied. Does SFDMU support using the default SFDX org?


No, SFDMU does not support using the default SFDX org set via the sfdx force:config:set defaultusername=<Alias_name> command. When you omit the -u or --targetusername, the --targetusername does not inherit from the default org specified.

To ensure SFDMU connects to your desired target org, you must explicitly provide -u with the sfdx sfdmu:run command. If you omit the -u flag, SFDMU will not return a runtime error, but will default to using csvfile as the target.

Last updated on 20th Apr 2024