Authentication issues with SFDX orgs.


When attempting to execute a migration job and connect to my SFDX orgs, I encounter the following error:

Command initialization error: Access token to the CAREFUL_PRODUCTION_CAREFUL has expired or the user has no access.

How can I resolve this?


This error can occur for several reasons:

  • If you're using the orgs section in the export.json, your access token may have expired. Refer to the Export.json File Specification for details.

  • If you're using SFDX CLI for org authentication, ensure your authentication information is current and you have access to your org. Refresh your authentication using the command sf force auth web login.

  • Verify that the apiVersion in your export.json is formatted as a string, not a number. For example, use "60.0" instead of 60.0.

Last updated on 23rd Apr 2024