Identifying Issues in CSV Files with the Plugin.

When setting CSV files as a data source (--sourceusername csvfile), all detected issues within the source CSV files are documented in the CSVIssuesReport.csv file.

This file is located in the same directory as the export.json file.

  • Ensure that the flag importCSVFilesAsIs = false is either unset or explicitly set to false. Setting this flag to true disables the automatic correction of "broken" CSV files and prevents the generation of the CSVIssuesReport.csv.

  • For projects involving multiple Object Sets, beginning with Object Set #2, the CSVIssuesReport.csv file for each set is located in a specific subdirectory. For instance, for Object Set #2, find the report at reports/object-set-2/CSVIssuesReport.csv, relative to where the export.json file sits.

Example of working folder structure:

|- export.json
|- CSVIssuesReport.csv
|- reports/
   |- object-set-2/
      |- CSVIssuesReport.csv
   |- object-set-3/
      |- CSVIssuesReport.csv
   |- ...
Last updated on 28th Apr 2024