Key Features of the SFDMU.

SFDMU (SFDX Data Move Utility) offers a comprehensive set of features designed to facilitate efficient and secure data migration between Salesforce organizations, as well as from and to CSV files:

  • Direct Org-to-Org Migration: Eliminates the need for intermediate CSV files by supporting direct data transfer.
  • CRUD Operations: Fully supports Create (Insert), Read (Update), Upsert, and Delete operations.
  • CSV File Handling: Enables both import and export of data via CSV files.
  • Multiple Object Sets: Allows the execution of multiple migration jobs in a single run, managing several SObjects simultaneously.
  • Complex Reference Handling: Effectively manages circular references between multiple SObjects and self-referenced fields, such as Account.ParentId.
  • Configuration Ease: Utilizes a single, user-friendly export.json file for configuration.
  • DevOps Integration: Can be run from the command line, integrating seamlessly into any DevOps pipeline.
  • Advanced ID Handling: Supports external ID fields of any type, including formula and auto-named fields, as well as composite external ID keys.
  • Record Type Preservation: Migrates data while maintaining record types.
  • Custom Mapping: Offers fully customized field and object mapping.
  • ETL Capabilities: Includes built-in ETL features such as customized values mapping, and expression-based record transformation.
  • Person Account Migration: Handles the migration of Person Accounts and mixed account types.
  • File and Attachment Migration: Supports the migration of Salesforce Files, Notes, and Attachments, including binary data.
  • Record Ownership: Supports record owner assignment with options for default owner assignment.
  • Data Anonymization: Features built-in functionality to anonymize sensitive data sourced from production environments.
  • Polymorphic Lookups: Supports binding of polymorphic lookup fields.
  • Security and Privacy: Since all operations are performed locally on the client's machine without cloud interaction, data remains secure and private.
  • Performance Efficiency: Processes only the necessary subset of records and fields, enhancing speed and efficiency.
  • Customization Through Add-Ons: The core functionality can be extended with custom add-ons tailored to specific needs.

This extensive feature set makes SFDMU a robust tool for Salesforce data migration, ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance with organizational data handling policies.

Last updated on 22nd Apr 2024