The plugin installation guide.


Before using this plugin you need to perform standard procedure of installing SFDX CLI on your local machine from here:

Installation as SFDX plugin:

# If you already have outdated version of the Plugin installed on your local machine
# and want to update it, first uninstall the existing version:
$ sfdx plugins:uninstall sfdmu

# Install the latest version of the Plugin:
$ sfdx plugins:install sfdmu

Installation with the source code:

# If you have any old Plugin installation, take some preliminary steps 
# before installing from the current git source.
# Uninstall all previously installed SFDMU instances from the SFDX CLI.
$ sfdx plugins:uninstall sfdmu
# If once you have linked any old source code of the Plugin, make sure that it is already
# unlinked from the Salesforce CLI. 
# Go to your local directory which contains the old Plugin sources and type:
$ sfdx plugins:unlink
# Now you are ready to install the new version of the Plugin from the current repository.
# 1. Clone the git locally: 
$ git clone

# 2. Make the installation directory current:
$ cd SFDX-Data-Move-Utility

# 3. Install npm modules: 
$ npm install

# 4. Link the Plugin to the Salesforce CLI: 
$ sfdx plugins:link

See also: Minimal configuration

Last updated on Sa Oct 2022